Our Live-in Property Guardian scheme is all about preventing threats and risks to your building by having someone living in it. Their presence both deters threats such as vandalism and ensures that any problems such as burst pipes are quickly identified and can be rectified.

Our Live-in-Guardians abide by the Ad Hoc house rules which ensure that your property is well looked after at all times. They report any problems to Ad Hoc immediately they occur.

Our Guardians are all working professionals who have all been reference checked and interviewed by Ad Hoc. We have a 98% re-housing rate, thus ensuring we use Guardians who have proven themselves to be reliable and responsible.

  • Vetted key workers and professionals
  • Reliable, responsible and trustworthy
  • Provide a visible, continuous presence in your vacant property to prevent squatting, theft, criminal damage and depreciation
  • Constantly monitor your property and report any issues
  • Treat your property with respect

No tenancy rights conferred