Security Guards

Security guards help secure a property immediately.

The use of security guards are a good option to protect a property before guardians are put in place.
They can be helpful when squatters have been removed from a building, or while we carry out any necessary health and safety assessments, and work is done to make the property suitable for the guardian scheme.

Guards are a flexible and temporary option when a property is going to be empty for just a few days, weeks or months – for example if it is going through a sale process or planning phase, or if the property is only at risk at night – such as building sites where workmen are on site during the day.

Security Guards are an option to be considered when:

  • An immediate solution is required to protect a property.
  • A property has just had squatters removed and we need to do works to the property to make it compliant before moving Guardians in.
  • A property is being handed back to a client, the Guardians have moved out but the building is at risk.
  • The property is only going to be empty for a few days/weeks/months (going through a sale or planning phase that is anticipated to be short or builders are due to start work shortly).


Download the Security Guards fact sheet here